We’ve Mastered the Art of Tattoo Removal

In clinical studies, 100% of patients who tried DESCRIBE® chose to use it for the rest of their treatments.1,2

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In its first year on the market, the DESCRIBE Patch was named the most innovative laser tattoo removal product.3

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Rethink the Way You Remove Your Ink

You have a tattoo you regret—for whatever reason. You’ve also heard stories about the time and discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal, so you’re not a fan. But maybe it’s time to rethink the process. Introducing the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch, an accessory to laser tattoo removal. When used with traditional laser treatments, it allows for a faster, safer and more effective tattoo removal experience compared to without the Patch.4

Allows up to 4X as many laser passes in a single treatment1,2†

Helps to protect skin from the heat of the laser, which may result in less injury and less discomfort during treatment1

Less injury may mean reduced time between office visits1,5†

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A Little Patch Makes A Big Difference

We’re talking about a small, square silicone patch infused with nontoxic PFD liquid.5 When used in conjunction with laser tattoo removal, it’s possible to perform more laser passes during a single treatment session.1,2 That means your tattoo will be gone sooner than you think.

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