See the difference the DESCRIBE® PFD patch can make for your practice

There is a real market need for efficient tattoo removal

One out of every four Americans with tattoos regrets his or her tattoo and has considered removal.1

Currently, one-third of patients drop out of the tattoo removal process before it’s complete.2

Revenue for tattoo removal has jumped 440% over the last 10 years.3


In its first year on the market, the DESCRIBE Patch was named the most innovative laser tattoo removal product4


Three Key Benefits for Your Practice


Stop losing patients to slow results and a painful process. With the DESCRIBE Patch, you can potentially prevent your patients from giving up on the tattoo removal process before it’s complete. Given the high dropout rate, fewer overall treatment sessions can encourage patients to continue treatment until full tattoo clearance is achieved.2,5

The DESCRIBE Patch advantage:

  • Up to 4X as many passes per treatment session compared to conventional treatment without the Patch5,6
  • Less epidermal injury, which may mean less time between office visits6,7
  • In clinical studies, 100% of patients who tried the DESCRIBE Patch chose to us it for the rest of their treatments5,6

More than two-thirds of people with tattoos have more than one.1 And studies have shown that patients who are satisfied with laser therapy results are likely to return to treat another area.8

Because the DESCRIBE Patch offers patients a better tattoo removal experience, patients who previously started, but never completed, their tattoo removal may be motivated to complete the process in your office.5,6†

Two Men

One satisfied patient could mean so many more.

  • Studies show that satisfied patients may be more likely to tell other potential patients about their experiences.9
  • Encourage your patients to refer other patients to your practice online by having them post reviews/feedback about their positive experiences with the Patch through RealSelf, their social channels and other online review pages.
  • In addition to helping your patients refer others to your practice, we can help you become your own referral advocate by providing marketing materials that make it easier for patients seeking practices that offer the DESCRIBE Patch to find you.

Ongoing Support

We’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our partners. That’s why we focus on the following areas to enhance your success:

Increasing patient awareness

DESCRIBE has ongoing public relations campaigns directed at top-tier print and online publishers to increase media coverage. Interested patients are directed to our website, where they can learn about the DESCRIBE Patch and find local providers.

Enhancing marketing support

We help our customers optimize their practice marketing by providing a growing library of marketing tools, including in-office materials, social assets, emails and more.

Expanding clinical applications

Our investment in R&D will continue to allow us to make exciting technological breakthroughs, and our dedication to innovation ensures that your exclusive provider partnership with Merz will grow in value with every new discovery.

A Beneficial Addition To Your Practice

Because of its many patient benefits, more and more physicians are considering the Patch to be a valuable part of their standard treatment package.

In our practice, the DESCRIBE PFD Patch has become the standard of care for treating our patients who are undergoing laser-assisted tattoo removal.

- Brian Biesman, MD