DESCRIBE Patch Results

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Physician Testimonials

These physicians are here to tell you how effective the DESCRIBE® Patch is

Dr. Brian Biesman, MD, Nashville, TN - DESCRIBE Patch Provider

Brian Biesman, MD, Nashville, TN

“My patients who have been treated both ways are refusing treatment without [the] DESCRIBE® [Patch].”

Christine Dierickx, MD

Christine Dierickx, MD, Boom, Belgium

“The interest for the Patch [at IMCAS] was amazing. People recognized the importance of the Patch — using their Q-switched laser, they can substantially improve their results.”

Dr. Roy Geronemus, MD, New York, NY - DESCRIBE Patch Provider

Roy Geronemus, MD, New York, NY

“‚Ķ [The DESCRIBE® Patch] allows for rapid resolution of the steam bubbles seen immediately following laser treatment of a tattoo.”

Brian Zelickson, MD, Minneapolis, MN

“In my experience‚Ķ the [DESCRIBE®] Patch can help reduce the number of treatments.”